Chilcotts’ specialists produce detailed valuation reports for insurance purposes, ensuring that you are paying for the correct level of cover.

This inventory of your valuable possessions, with accurate attributions, descriptions and valuations, is an extremely useful document in the event of making an insurance claim.

The valuations are quoted on a retail replacement value. These inventories come with a valuation certificate and can include photographs, if required; they are presented in a digital format as well as in a bound ‘hard’ copy.

Chilcotts’ valuers will usually visit the client’s home to carry out the valuation inspection, but valuations of specific pieces can take place at banks, solicitors’ offices or at Chilcotts saleroom.

Valuations can be for a single item to complete house contents; fees are based on an hourly rate and can be estimated in advance.

Please email the office, or telephone +44 (0)1404 47783 option 1, to discuss your requirements and to book an appointment.