Jewellery shimmers in the Pamela Schneider Collection

Posted On: 21 Nov 2021 by Elizabeth Chilcott

With vintage jewellery enjoying a renaissance, aficionados will appreciate the chance to bid on a selection of exquisite pieces that are being auctioned at Chilcotts’ June sale.


The collection was assembled over several decades by Pamela Schneider who lived in North Devon. The relationship between Mrs Schneider and the auction house dates back to 2004, when she was one of Chilcotts’ first vendors.

An inspirational woman, Pamela worked against the odds to become a businesswoman and later a very successful self-taught antiques dealer. She grew up during WW2 and, like many, experienced a disjointed education. In spite of this, she became a successful entrepreneur, running a café before discovering an interest in antiques.

Her daughter, Debbie Hollin, says, “In the late 1960s she began to read numerous books about antiques. I remember she never missed an episode of Going for a Song!

“Initially she had a small cabinet in her tea shop where she would display and sell items of objets d'art. Eventually the cabinet got bigger and she decided to give up the café and open up an antique shop. She also took on a stall at Bath Antiques Market in Guinea Lane, which she loved. Jewellery and porcelain were her passion. I think a lot of her jewellery collection was bought in Bath.”

Pamela stopped dealing in the early 1990s, but still continued buying things for her private collection.

“We sold many items for Mrs Schneider over the years and we are proud to have been asked by her family to sell her final collection,” explained auctioneer, Duncan Chilcott.

“She had a keen eye for interesting pieces, and there is a variety of styles, from elegant to exuberant.”

Post-script: the collection sold for £24,500 plus 21% Buyers Premium, June 2019